Internal Testing


The Technical Group for the BA Blacktop Group of Companies was formed to provide technical support to our asphalt plants during the production, shipping, placement and compaction of over thirteen different types of asphaltic concrete that we are capable of producing.



The Technical Group has a laboratory at each one of our asphalt plants capable of quality control testing to ensure the product meets the specifications for every type of project.


The North Vancouver laboratory is certified by the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) for Asphalt Mix Compliance and Asphalt Mix Design. CCIL is a certification program for Asphalt which employs local testing procedures to ensure consistency with local provincial and municipal test requirements. The Technical Group also can conduct field testing services to verify such properties as asphalt compaction and asphalt core thickness.

The resources of our parent company Eurovia, provide additional research and development resources and tools, allowing us to bring innovation and efficiency to the delivery of transportation infrastructure solutions for highways, airports, rail networks and urban development. Eurovia has been a leader in the development and introduction of new technologies in the paving industry for over fifty years.


At Eurovia's North American Technical Centre (CTNA) near Montreal, research is conducted into new paving mixes that reduce the typical carbon footprint of road construction activities, by minimizing emissions during paving and by extending the life of the asphalt surface. The CTNA offers full service testing and development capabilities for specialty asphalts and asphalt paving and cold technologies. This allows us to better utilize our global experience and resources to provide local solutions to customers and our subsidiaries located throughout North America. The BA Blacktop Group of Companies regularly make use of the resources of the Technical Centre to determine the optimal paving solution to meet our clients' needs.