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BA Blacktop believes it is the responsibility of each employee to help protect, improve, and maintain our environment through the principles of sustainable development. Our team is committed to embracing the integration of environmental protection and sustainable development in all aspects of the services we offer. This commitment applies to every component of the life cycle of the project.

Our team of experienced professionals has delivered many projects in sensitive environmental settings throughout the Lower Mainland. We understand that the best value for the owner is not only cost driven but must also consider the economic, environmental and socially sustainable practices to achieve and deliver the project objectives. We have achieved successful project delivery through minimizing the environmental impacts properties by the of cost-effective, realistic environmental controls and management systems.

BA Blacktop has delivered projects in sensitive environmental settings throughout the Lower Mainland. Our project delivery strategies maximize sustainability through the development of cost-effective, realistic environmental controls and management systems.

We recycle over 200,000 MT of concrete and asphalt every year, inclusive of 90,000 MT of RAP. This material is then reused in future road construction projects instead of being disposed of in landfills. Not only do we recycle our own materials and accept drop-off recyclable materials, but we also offer custom recycling of concrete and asphalt at the customer’s site to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels through unnecessary transport activities. If the obsolete or expired products and equipment are deemed nonrecyclable or non-reusable, it will be dealt with in an environmentally responsible manner.

This plan ensures the products and equipment that are in use throughout the project are helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the project. The responsibility of managing sustainability and environmental efforts is to ensure the smallest environmental impact is attained is a key priority of ours.

We believe in leadership and stewardship with respect to the environment. Through our practices and project implementation, we will contribute to long-lasting, sustainable infrastructure.

BA Blacktop received ISO 14001:2015 (Environment) certification in 2019. This certification ensures that our commitment to environmental sustainability is consistently administered throughout all levels of our organization. Our corporate Environment Management System governs overall construction activities and ensures Best Management Practices are implemented across all our projects.

As a corporate mandate, our parent company VINCI, commits to achieving 40% reduction in CO2 by 2030 compared to 2018. For complete details on our environmental targets, please see VINCI Commits for the Environment (15/01/2020 Press Release)