Kim Percy
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President and CEO


Kim Percy has accumulated a diverse background in all aspects of Road and Infrastructure Construction over the past 48 years and is a recipient of the Canadian Construction Association’s Gold Seal Certification for Road-Building and Heavy Construction. Kim joined the BA Blacktop Group of Companies in 1985 and since that time has overseen the successful completion of numerous projects, including highways, bridges, roads, airports, terminals and ports for a wide variety of government and private sector clients under both traditional and design-build construction models.


In 2014, with the acquisition of Imperial Paving by Eurovia Canada, he became President of Imperial Paving, where he directed the company's business activities and worked to develop corporate efficiencies with other local entities in the Eurovia organization. 2016 witnessed the horizontal amalgamation of the two Eurovia Canada Inc. subsidiary companies under the BA Blacktop Ltd. banner, with Kim being appointed President & CEO.