Eurovia BC


Eurovia BC was originally founded in 1983 as Martens Asphalt to fill a need for quality paving and road construction services in the Fraser Valley. With the rapid development south of the Fraser River and into the Fraser Valley and as far east as Manning Park, the need for our services has shown a similar growth. Over the past 30 years, we have established ourselves as one of the most successful Road Builders and General Contractors in the area, offering the broadest range of road construction services and solutions to our clients. In addition we are one of the top Design Build Contractors in the industry.


Martens Asphalt became a subsidiary of BA Blacktop in 1991, and recently has undergone a name change to reflect our association with the Eurovia family of companies internationally. Our firm has completed a wide range of projects, with a demonstrated ability as a leader in the road construction industry, and is supported by a strong management team.


With our main office located in Surrey, our full line of construction and paving equipment and our knowledgeable staff, we  provide a quality product and unparalleled project delivery.


Eurovia BC is a sister company to BA Blacktop, and both firms are subsidiaries of Eurovia Canada Inc.


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