Milling and Reclaiming

BA Blacktop provides asphalt milling and reclaiming services for highway and municipal roadway applications.  We have successfully completed a wide range of milling and reclaiming operations throughout the Lower Mainland over the years. 

We maintain four asphalt milling machines in a job ready state, serviced by our in-house equipment shop.  The Wirtgen W210i cold milling machine is our latest addition to the fleet, and is capable of milling a 2.2m wide swath to a depth of 330mm, enabling large-scale surface course rehabilitation, complete pavement removal at full depth and fine milling.


The BA Milling and Reclaiming Division assists municipal in–house paving crews by milling and reclaiming numerous local roads. This work often involves night and weekend shifts to avoid disrupting commuter traffic and our M+R Division uses their expert traffic control skills to get these jobs done safely.  In 2013 alone, BA Blacktop completed approximately   360,000m2 of roadway milling for for a variety of projects.


Some of our largest milling and reclaiming projects include the Sea to Sky Highway reconstruction, completed in 2009, and our work for the Port Mann Highway 1 Improvement Project, where we provided services for over 500,000m2 of roadway surface and completed removal of the pavement surface from the old Port Mann Bridge prior to demolition.